Building Passive Income through Real Estate.

Qubrik assists individual investors and investment companies in finding (new construction) real estate. With our expertise and extensive network, we aim to match properties with your investment plans.

We forge a dynamic investor community with whom we collectively seek the common thread in real estate investing for passive income. Our focus is on value creation, low costs, and collective purchases of residential properties for higher returns and more efficient management "as a group."

Passive Income: Smart Combinations. 1. ADVICE ON REAL ESTATE SAVINGS

At Qubrik, we believe that building a solid financial future starts with a smart combination of real estate and movable investments. 

Our approach is straightforward: we aim for capital protection and stable, long-term returns. This ensures your wealth grows passively and over the long term, in line with both the stock market and real estate values.

Free rental income can be used for new real estate acquisitions and/or thoughtful movable investments.

2. CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS FOR EXISTING REAL ESTATE Optimize Your Existing Real Estate: Sell, Rent, Renovate, or Redevelop.

Optimize the Value of Your Existing Real Estate as a Lever for Growth.

Our advice helps you leverage various opportunities and strategically utilize your real estate as a catalyst for the further expansion of your portfolio.

3. CUSTOMIZED BUY-SIDE INVESTMENT REAL ESTATE Whether You Know What You're Looking For or Not, We Assist You in Your Search.

One of our core competencies is finding "off-market" (new construction) real estate properties that precisely align with our clients' investment plans.

We achieve this through our extensive network and contacts within the professional real estate market in major cities.

In recent years, we have helped numerous existing and new clients acquire both small and large real estate properties that are carefully tailored to their investment strategies.

4. B2B - ADVICE ON CONVERTING OFFICES TO RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE Redeveloping Offices into Residential Spaces

In many major cities, there is an acute shortage of properties for sale and rent, while numerous office buildings are aging in a rental market with decreasing demand from companies for office spaces.

Drawing from our experiences and contacts with residential project developers, we offer solutions to help office and hotel owners develop a new vision for converting their properties into residential real estate. There are numerous possibilities in this area.

Let us assist you at every step, from strategic planning to finding the right partners for a successful project.

Together, we create value and opportunities for investors looking to take a new direction with their real estate.

5. B2B - SALE OF NEW CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS Strategies for Residential New Construction Sales.

Optimize your real estate project from concept to successful completion with our strategic guidance and expertise.

We connect you with the right partners and chart a course together to create an attractive offer for active and passive investors, both large and small, as well as owner-occupiers.

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